KPOP Scenarios

sometimes you lose someone
and it might have been just a moment for them
but it’s changed every moment after for you
and finding the words to tell them
is the hardest thing in the world

and honestly, i’m tired of trying (via baetan)

Anonymous: Could you write a smutty/sexy foreplay story between Kai & the reader and include bellybutton fetish?

Eh~ I’m not really good at fetishes?? I’ve actually tried to write a few… but I’m not sure I capture the emotions correctly~ sorry! 

Anonymous: Hi there! I remember stumbling on your blog far back to even maybe 2 years ago?? and I've fallen in love with your scenarios ever since! There's just a few particular ones I'm always coming back to read and those are the Hoya ones! :D I've read so many Hoya stories and yours are still my favourites especially the "Friends with Benefits" one! I've always wondered tho if you ever plan on making a short series out of it? If you don't would you ever accept a request for a continuation?~ ;w;

Wah~ thank you! I’m so glad you liked it considering it was one of my first few stabs at smut until I realized… I wasn’t that good at it :/ lol. Mmh as for a continuation… It might be hard to commit to it, since it’s my first year of college and most of my time is spent at school/studying/sleeping but I might maybe take it into consideration when I have some time on my hands. 

Thanks for everything teehee~ ; ) 

iyvxne: I fell in love with your previous jackson scenarion because it was so real and not super exaggerated. Can you write a continuation of that one maybe the public finds out about our relationship and it's hard for both of us but we pull through.

Clarification? My latest Jackson scenario or my first Jackson scenario?

Anonymous: hi


Sup bro??

ghettobaby9: Hi ^_^ I love your scenarios <3 Can you make one with Woohyun where you're fighting and he hits you, then he wants you back?

Mmh I’m sorry but idk if I feel comfortable writing something like that~ also I like keeping my scenarios close to real life if you will? And I don’t believe that Woohyun would ever hit a girl, honestly~

Thanks for the love though! Maybe I could do another request….?

The Right Choice


Title: The Right Choice
Author: forever_young02
Pairing(s): JackBum, Jackson/JB, Jackson/OC, past!Jackson/Mark
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): slight mentions of homophobia, slight!angst
Summary: Im Jaebum’s smiles should really be outlawed.

read here

Anonymous: can you do a scenario when u and jb hav a love hate relationship in school or when ur both in kpop groups (u both like each other but u dont know it) when the two of u always tease each other (and with tease I mean like the two of you are veryy mean to each other) but jb sees it as teasing and he thinks that u enjoy doing it as u keep "teasing" him back but in reality u actually take his word seriously and one day u just have a break down and he finds you and you can come up with the rest :)


Thanks a lot for requesting, I don’t want to give you a definite answer and have you waiting forever for it (like I’ve already done to a lot of people tbh srry) so I’ll keep it in mind and hope that the inspiration comes!

mymisstina: Hi, can you write a scenario when you're celebrating your successul project with your coworkers and your close friend Jackson decides to go with to protect you but he gets drunk and confesses to you and you bring him to your apartment? and what about your parents' reaction when the next morning they surprisingly visit you and see him sleeping on the sofa (they didn't know him)? (I know you have lots of works so take your time and let me know if you'd accept it and when you'll finish it :-) )Thx!

Yeah sure, I’ve kind of already started it, the problem is that I don’t really know when it’ll be finished~ my brain doesn’t work that fast. But I’ll post it when I’m done!

Thanks for requesting~


i didnt know myungsoo had his own subunit in exo