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The Right Choice


Title: The Right Choice
Author: forever_young02
Pairing(s): JackBum, Jackson/JB, Jackson/OC, past!Jackson/Mark
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): slight mentions of homophobia, slight!angst
Summary: Im Jaebum’s smiles should really be outlawed.

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Anonymous: can you do a scenario when u and jb hav a love hate relationship in school or when ur both in kpop groups (u both like each other but u dont know it) when the two of u always tease each other (and with tease I mean like the two of you are veryy mean to each other) but jb sees it as teasing and he thinks that u enjoy doing it as u keep "teasing" him back but in reality u actually take his word seriously and one day u just have a break down and he finds you and you can come up with the rest :)


Thanks a lot for requesting, I don’t want to give you a definite answer and have you waiting forever for it (like I’ve already done to a lot of people tbh srry) so I’ll keep it in mind and hope that the inspiration comes!

mymisstina: Hi, can you write a scenario when you're celebrating your successul project with your coworkers and your close friend Jackson decides to go with to protect you but he gets drunk and confesses to you and you bring him to your apartment? and what about your parents' reaction when the next morning they surprisingly visit you and see him sleeping on the sofa (they didn't know him)? (I know you have lots of works so take your time and let me know if you'd accept it and when you'll finish it :-) )Thx!

Yeah sure, I’ve kind of already started it, the problem is that I don’t really know when it’ll be finished~ my brain doesn’t work that fast. But I’ll post it when I’m done!

Thanks for requesting~


i didnt know myungsoo had his own subunit in exo

Mark- Teddy.

In which, “is your teddy bear better at cuddling than me?” is an actual question.

Mark doesn’t actually like sleeping alone.

As a kid, he’d always use the excuse of a monster in his closet, or a boogeyman under his bed to cuddle into the spot unconsciously left for him in between his mother and father late at night.

They’d wake up and find him with a peaceful smile on his face, his legs thrown over his dad’s waist and his arms wrapped tightly around his mother’s neck. They’d laugh about it, a sort of fond one that would never fail in rousing Mark up and having him inquire about what was so funny.

It dragged into his adolescence though, and while it was cute when he was a kid, his parents didn’t know whether or not to enable their 15 year old crawling into bed with them in the wee hours of morning. It certainly had nothing to do with the fact that his ever-growing limbs were making it hard for them to not wake up with a crick in their necks from lack of space.

So they got him a teddy bear.

Mark wasn’t a child that needed many toys, but the few that he did have, he cherished and giving any other teenager a teddy bear wouldn’t fare as well as it did with Mark. He used it as a replacement, a form of human companionship when his sisters were off to college and his brother was going through that awkward phase where every form of touching was considered gross.

The name Mark gave his bear was generic but Mark was a simple guy, never one for extravagance or the out of the ordinary, so he named it Teddy. Short and sweet. Easy as pie. He brought him everywhere.

To sleep away camp, to over night field trips at school, to his orientation for college, on the plane ride to Korea, and he has it to this day, tucked away in the closet where Jackson won’t find it.

You only ever found out about it by chance. It was Bambam’s brilliant idea to play hide and seek while Mark and Jackson were off filming an episode of “After School Club” and having had dated Mark for a little over a year now, it was normal for you to hang at their dorm during your free time. You liked hanging with the guys and they liked having you around.

"I’ll count first." You wonder sometimes if Bambam is a five year old stuck in a teenagers body, but you go along with it anyways and JB watches as you wait for Bambam to turn around and start counting.

"Kids," you stick your tongue out at JB and walk quietly towards Mark’s bedroom, searching for a place to hide.

The closet seemed to be calling your name, and at first, even to your own convoluted head, it sounded like the Joker or something was begging you to “come, hide inside of me.” You probably shouldn’t have listened though, considering how creepy it all was, but Bambam was at 80 and twenty seconds was hardly enough time to find anywhere else to hide, so you ran into the closet.

You sit on something soft and plush, but you hear the door to Mark’s bedroom open so you have no time for a reaction apart from freezing in your spot and keeping completely quiet.

"I know you’re here." It’s a bluff you’re sure, because you’re so far into the closet that even when Bambam opens the door, there’s no reason for him to look any further. "Maybe she’s not in here?" The sound of his footsteps are getting more faint and you hear a, "JB hyung, do you know which way she went?" And then nothing else.

What you’re sitting on is a teddy bear. It’s brown fur looks well worn and you could tell its far from being brand new, but it looks preserved, the eyes aren’t popped out like any of your old stuffed animals and it still has all it’s soft limbs.

When you bring it up to your face for further inspection in the nonexistent light of the closet, the undeniable scent of Mark assaults your senses, and there’s no way it’s not Mark’s from the way it smells exactly like him, as if it was him that was standing a few inches away from your face and not a stupid toy.

Bambam is beginning to get frustrated, you could tell by the way his voice is getting all pitchy as he asks whoever is outside if they saw you go anywhere, so you place the bear back where you found it and walk out the closet, preparing to admit defeat.


Mark actually likes coming over to your humble apartment.

It’s small and cozy, decoration limited and the bare necessities visible. Much like Mark, you aren’t one for extravagance, so the small beige couch in your living room and the queen bed with muted sheets in your bedroom are more than sufficient for your living habits.

But it’s not only the simplicity and silence that draws him there, he likes sleeping over too, and after finding the bear, you’ve figured out why. He’d always been a cuddler and the first time he pulled you to him, burrowing you under the crook of his chin and wrapping his arms around your body tightly, you were a little put off. Growing up as an only child, you were never one to be all touchy, but after a few nights with Mark, it got easier and you began to actually look forward to nights when he was able get away from Got7 and stay with you.

"I found something at your dorm the other day," you start nonchalantly, toweling off your hair from the shower you just had.

"You did?" He’s sitting in the center of your bed, his legs crossed in front of him in his pjs, waiting for you. "What was it?"

"I don’t want you to think I was snooping or anything." You start, throwing the towel into a hamper and sitting in front of him on the bed, your head down, "I was just playing hide-and-seek with Bambam, and I hid in your closet," you eye him warily, carefully gauging his reaction, he only nods expectantly, urging you to continue, "and I found something."

Mark laughs, his eyes sparkling as he nods again, “you said that already, you know?”

"Yeah. I know- it was a teddy bear?" Your words turn up at the end of your statement, unintentionally turning it into a question that didn’t need an answer.

"Oh," he’s still smiling that blinding smile, the one that you fell in love with in the first place, but he’s looking down, staring at the hand of yours that he’s playing with in his lap, "you found Teddy."

"I think it’s cute." He groans once the words are out of your mouth, causing you to laugh, "It is!"

He glances up at you and your laughter dies down when you see his lip is caught in between his teeth and his cheeks red stained because he looks so amazingly innocent and cute, “I like to cuddle.”

A small, fond smile touches your lips and you scoot a little closer to him, “I know.”

"No one would cuddle me before you." He lets out a short chuckle, his gaze trained on your intertwined hands in front of him, "so Teddy was the only option."

"Aww," you coo, borderline mocking as you sit up and wrap your arms around his neck, your cheek resting on his shoulder, "you’re too cute."

"You’re mean." He grumbles, but his arms move to twine around your waist and there’s no malice in his words, he simply sounds like a kid who’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar before dinner.

"Who’s better?" You pull back only slightly, leaving your fingers interlocked behind his neck as you catch his gaze.


"Who’s better at cuddling? Me or Teddy?"

A bubble of laughter bursts through his lips, and he sighs, shaking his head at your asinine question, “Teddy’s good, yeah, but I don’t think he could compare to… You know- an actual person.”

"Goddammit, Mark." You use your hands to push at his chest and as he goes down, he pulls you with him, his arm going around your shoulders and gathering you close.

"I’m just being honest." His lips press against your forehead and he reaches across you to turn off the lights, "nothing is better than you."

Jackson: Nothing Lasts Forever.


Running after a train that’s already left the station, won’t keep it from leaving. It’s a lesson you’ve always found strength in, that sometimes some things aren’t meant to be, that something’s are worth letting go of, that sometimes, letting go of something is better than getting hurt trying to keep it close.

You’ve always kept the prospect close to your heart, promising to never let your feelings linger on something, or someone, that didn’t want to stay. It may seem some what cowardly, but the emotional strain, the physical pain involved in holding onto these things, especially people, is better spent making sure that those already close to you, don’t ever feel the need to get further away.

"We should stop." Your words sound stronger than you feel, as if you were completely okay with letting him go, as if its what you’ve alway wanted.

"Stop what?"

"This. Us.”

It’s better this way. You believe deep down in your soul that both of you could get through this easier if you cut it off now. Flowers wither, things die, nothing was meant to last forever, love wasn’t meant to last forever, so why hold off on the inevitable?

Jackson looks surprised more than anything. He knew that you two weren’t in the best shape, that things between the two of you have been better, that there have been better times, happier times, but he never thought that you’d come to this kind of conclusion so quickly. It hurts though. It hurts that the only sort of sadness, of pain that you see from him is a small sliver in the depths of his eyes, buried under oceans of liquid brown.

"If that’s what you want."

It’s not what you want, and he should know it. He should know that you don’t mean it when you can’t match his gaze, when the only thing you can do to keep yourself from falling apart is toy with the ring on the third finger of your right hand. He should know what you want, but he doesn’t, and you’ve tried too hard for too long to get him to figure it out. You’re too tired.

You want him to fight you, to disagree and say, “no, we shouldn’t stop,” that he doesn’t want to end this, that he’ll hold onto you and keep you from going away, that he’ll try harder, that he doesn’t want you to end it this way, that he won’t let you, but you don’t say any of this and neither does he. You look down at the untouched cup of coffee, the one serving only in warming up your hands, trying really hard to keep from backing down as you nod silently.

Before you could change your mind, you stand up, holding onto your purse with two hands so that it doesn’t look like your trying to hold yourself together. “Bye, Jackson.”

He whispers his goodbye, a small, sad smile on his lips, and you wonder if he wants to take it back. As you walk out of the door, you wonder if he’ll run after you and beg you to stay, words of apology tumbling out of his mouth, but the bell above the door of the cafe tolls when you walk out, and it rings one more time when it falls shut.

You try not to let the disappointment show in your steps when there’s no other chime of the bells, and no sounds of heavy footfalls following after you.

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redrose-love: I love your writing♡

Thank You!!

Just Saying….

When the mv for “Back” came out (a day early fucking woolim) I totes had the will to write a scenario for it, but everything was thrown to shit when the general consensus was that the girl in the mv was Sunggyu’s sister. So :p

Anonymous: May I request a Mark Tuan scenario about the red string of fate?

What’s the “red string of fate”?